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House of Project – Business Consulting, S.A. is a company that aims to satisfy its customers and seeks to respond to their needs, continuously improving its internal processes.

Assuming its social responsibilities, HOP is committed to the Policy and Principles described below:


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We continuously seek customer satisfaction; We work efficiently, defend efficiency and develop projects tailored to the needs of the client;

COMMUNICATION We satisfy our communication needs, investing in sharing information from innovative systems;

IMPROVEMENT We continuously collaborate in the improvement of our human and technological resources;

SKILLS We guide and encourage our employees to acquire new skills, namely through training;

ADDITIONAL VALUES We carry out consultancy in a professional manner, always focusing on obtaining added value for the Client’s business;

NETWORKING We are always attentive to New business opportunities;

TRAINING We transmit to the Client our know-how and experience acquired, namely through the training actions we provide; We strive to provide our employees with high levels of satisfaction and professional fulfillment;

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT We know and face continuous improvement as an objective to be applied to all our decisions within the scope of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.


PROCESS APPROACH A desired result is achieved most efficiently when the resources associated with activities are managed as a process;

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM APPROACH The identification, understanding and management of a system of interrelated processes for a given objective improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization; Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and normative requirements

MUTUAL BENEFITS BETWEEN STAKEHOLDERS The relationship between the different stakeholders is interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value.

FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION IN ALL ITS FORMS, INCLUDING EXTORTION AND BRIBERY We are committed to the pursuit of our business in an ethical and transparent manner, not allowing any forms of bribery or obtaining undue advantages.

FACT-BASED DECISIONS Decision-making is based on data and information analysis; Establish strategic alliances and partnerships with suppliers, immediately ensuring involvement and participation, defining requirements for joint development and improvement of products, processes and services

PEOPLE INVOLVEMENT People, at different levels, are the essence of the organization and their total involvement allows the use of their skills for the benefit of it;

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES Equal treatment and opportunities for all employees and candidates, regardless of gender, religion or other ethnic minorities;

LEADERSHIP Establish the unity, orientation and purpose of the organization. Should create and maintain the internal environment in which people are fully involved in achieving the organization’s objectives;

MORE AND BETTER Continuous improvement should be a permanent goal of the organization; Regularly evaluate the performance of its employees, in order to promote individual competitiveness, with a view to achieving the objectives and goals defined

CUSTOMER-FOCUSED ORGANIZATION To relate to customers, understanding their present and future needs, as well as meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations;


Attention to potential risks, which cannot yet be identified

It is the duty of all employees to adopt socially responsible behaviors that guarantee compliance with this Policy.

Porto, January 8, 2020


Supplier Assessment is an important process for HOP Consulting, so much so that it is our intention that relations with our business partners are long-lasting and allow the growth of all those who relate to us. Thus, we make known the factors that are taken into account in our evaluation process, and the respective weightings, namely:

Suppliers evaluation